Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stiker Attack

I see the rest of the paper sticker in my room and a the idea came suddenly.

sticker attack and begin part one..hell yeah !!!

stiker atta

caleg predator feat dimgras

raihansans, illustrator of many ideas pouring-political idea. This time collaborating with me, with tshirs as the medium.

raihansans started with sketches and i coloring with acrylic.

I think the results are very impressive. Yes, I am very pleased to collaborate.

my money

hahaha I think that will be interesting when this country is used.

wreckdolls strikes back, new look !!!

wreckdolls new face, so it appears that in mind, there are letters at the top of which is the initials of the emotional wreckdolls. I think the new appearance far better than the old wreckdolls.

The characters above are made using colored Marker

Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Character

Sneakerman, haha.. yeah, the name is sneakerman..

his body was triangle shaped remind us with toblerone chocolate and he had many sneakers of course.. and i make my own name on his body,,d-i-m-g-r-a-s...

My Hero

when i was child, I highly admire the ultraman, he is my superhero idol, so when i remember a while back with thats memories , then I take markers and start drawing ultraman.

First Collaboration With toroelmar

This image made during the lecture hours

I started drawing when suddenly toroelmar come and continue the image that I have already made. Media used is drawing pen on paper, last, i used my computer to make a good effect to complete this image

And The Journey Begin

this blog contains about the activities, pictures, toys and illustrations in different media ...

Illustrated above is made when the first time to use dimgras name, previously known as wreckdolls. Is the image of foreigners that are being played with gleeful and cool with the world itself.